Mar 2, 2011


A tiny remote island off of the mainland of Australia with abundance of endemic plants & animals.
Location: On Tasman Sea off the east coast of Australia; two hours by air from Sydney or Brisbane.
Weather: Sub-tropical. Summer temperatures average 25C; winter is only 6 degrees cooler.
Getting there:
* Qantas Airline offers various connections to Lord Howe, including a daily service by QantasLink.
* For further information, visit Tourism Australia .
Size: Island is just under 7 miles long and 1 and 3/4 across at its widest
* there are only six miles of road with a blanket speed limit of 15mph

Tips & Info:
* There are only 400 licensed tourist beds on the island. Book as early as possible.
* There are no mobile phones, though there is internet, and no automatic cash machines or public transport; most visitors either walk or cycle.
* There is one petrol pump, one Give Way sign, four hospital beds, six rental cars, fewer than 200 private vehicles (restricted in size), one police cell and one policeman.

Attractions & Things to do:
1. The island's social center is the Bowls Club where noisy dances are held every Friday (they don't start until 10pm)
2. Chicken Run bowls tournament on Thursdays
3. Arrival of the supply ship every two or three weeks; everything on the island is imported.
4. Ned's Beach: wetsuits, surfboards and snorkelling gear kept in the kiosk; Public BBQ grills
5. Climbing on non-active volcanic Gower Mountain. It's a day's strenuous hike to the top, and you have to be accompanied by a licensed guide.
6. Blinky Beach: Public BBQ grills
7. Island Museum: It has more models, documents and photographs than actual artifacts
8. Fishing
9. Nature walks & cycling & bird watching
10. A nine-hole golf course
11. Snorkeling & scuba-diving
12. Pleasure of doing absolutely nothing but unwinding and basking in the sun with a good book.

1. Capella Lodge: Starts $496
2. Arajilla Retreat: Starts $1,217
3. Pinetrees
4. Leanda-Lei Apartments
5. Somerset Apartments
6. Ocean View Apartments
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