Travel Discount Guide

1. Aggregate Sites: Looks through multiple sites to find the best deals on restaurants, spas, entertainments, etc.

2. Your city or your destination city for discounts on restaurants, spas, etc: (Tip: google "promotional discount code for" and can get up to 80% off)

3. Destinations, flights, hotels, car rentals, etc:
* ( Advice: A great site to look-up flight bargains within European cities. If you know German or other non-English European language, switch over to the appropriate setting. More options and discounts are available which are not featured in the English setting) Great deals on international travels for students.
* Check airlines' websites for special or promotional deals. For example: is offering from LA, California to San Paulo, Brazil for $993.00 Reviews on cheap hotels in Europe.
Bluejetcheeps: Sign up for their twitter. Announces specials on Tuesdays.
Farecompare: Sign up for their twitter. It offers location-specific fare sales when you plug in your home airport’s three-letter code, as in flyfromNYC.
Getaroom: Unlike other discounters like, they tell the customers the name of the hotel and price before booking. But it offers an even lower rate through its call center — 10 to 25% off — to travelers willing to pay for the room before finding out just how much of a discount they’re getting.
Tablethotels: Luxury and boutique hotels Offers limited time “sales” on really high-end destinations like at resorts, spas, villas, tennis camps, surf camps, etc. Must sign up and then every week, you'll receive an email on which destination is on sale  Discounted prices on flights, hotels, etc within Europe.
* Discounted prices on flights, hotels, and vacations.
*   Discounted flights throughout Asia

4. Vila rental: Often a better deal than lodging in a hotel. A great way to split the cost and save when traveling with a group of people.
rentvillas (Europe)
Wimco (Caribbean) Book directly with the owner without the commission fee

5. Home-stays:
Airbnb: For a 6-12% booking fee, it connects budget travelers with locals who are offering a place to lodge.

6. Tour guides:
* Responsibletravel - This agency does not sell discounted tours, but I find it very informative on enviromnental and eco conscious tours. - for travel insurance and safety travel inquiries. 7% discount on travel insurance: use the code " WNFANS". Unfortunately, this offer is not available to the US & Canadian residents.