Jul 1, 2016


I am deeply sadden by the recent terrorist attack at Istanbul Airport. This has inspire me to tell you how kind, TOLERANT, open minded the Turkish people are. They too are victims like the rest of us. 25% of their employment relies on the tourism sector. But their tourist numbers has taken a nosedive within the year from 30 to 5 million. Many factors have contributed this. Their neighbor Russian government has placed an embargo on their commercial airlines to fly into Turkey, and the Syrian, Iraqi, and Afghanistan refugees flooding in by the millions is scaring off the international tourists. Turkey is in a very fragile state at no fault of their own. They need all of our help. Do not allow fear and your government and media manipulation deter you from visiting Turkey. Turkey is a beautiful country with warm hospitality and has a lot to offer.

US and Canada citizens: Visa and passport required

Flights from Istanbul ( there are 2 airports) - To Nevsehir Airport

To Ataturk Istanbul Airport (Europe side):  
1. Connected by their metro line, 
2. buses
3. taxis  

To Sabhia Gokcen International Airport in Istanbul (Asia side):  
 * Take the metro and off at Taksim stop ( on Europe side)
 * Find Point Hotel and look for Havatas Bus
 * It's a direct nonstop route to the airport, takes about 1 hr 40mins

At / to Dalaman Airport
1. Turkish Airline operates small buses which go into Goreme for 15 lira ( there are multiple stops)
2. Taxis cost 60-100 lira 
Hotels in Goreme

 * Artemis Cave Suites - from $70 usd (Breakfast included)

1. Hotair balloon ride at 4am - from $120usd. Phenomenal. A MUST.
2. Pumpkin Art Gallery Restaurant - a set course for 60lira. They best meal you'll have in town

3. Topdeck Cave Restaurant