Mar 4, 2011


Quaint alleyways with Shikumen architectural townhouses converted into shops & restaurants.
Location: Lane 210. Taikang Lu(Road) in Luwan District Map
Getting there:
* Subway Line 1: Get off at Shanxi Rd Station; line 4: get off at Luban Lu Station;
line 9: get off at Dapuqiao Station & take exit 1.
* Buses:
- From Jianguo West Road, take bus 24 or 96;
- From Shannxi South Road, take bus 17, 41, 146 or 786
- From Chongqing South Road, bus 36, tunnel line 8, or bus 899, 986, 932, 786, 933 or 36

* This fashionable neighborhood is constantly evolving and reinventing to the latest trends and fads. What is "in" one minute is "out" the next. Many of the restaurants and retail shops are also casualties of this and close down quickly.

1. Kommune: Lane 210 Taikang Lu, near Sinan Lu
* In the back alley lanes of Taikang Lu, it is worth scoping out for not only its simple, yet tasty food and drinks, but also for its epicenter of Shanghai's creative quarter. Outdoor seating is usually overflowing with artsy locals and hipster expats. Don't forget to check out the indoor and back courtyard.

2. That's Amore: Tianzifang, Lane 200 Taikang Lu, near Sinan Lu
* Tratttoria style restaurant. It has a terrace on the roof overlooking the Taikang Lu lane shops. Traditional home cooked meals.

3. New York Style Steak and Burger: Lane 155 Jianguo Lu, near Ruijin Lu
* This tucked away grill offers USDA Prime beef mainly of half-pound burgers and slabs of steak.

4. Cafe Mojo: Lane 248 Taikang Lu, near Sinan Lu
* Small laneway cafe. It serves vietnamese coffee.

5. Origin: Lane 155 Jianguo Lu, near Ruijin Lu
* Cafe restaurant serving up healthy dishes from breakfast to dinner. Minimal decor.

6. Bohemia: Lane 248 Taikang Lu, near Ruijin Er Lu
* Cafe that serves light snacks like breakfast, sandwiches and salads. Wireless internet available

7. Cafe Dan:Taikang Lu, Lane 248, No. 41, backstreet
* Serves Japanese comfort food and tea, wine and desserts.

8. Miss Ginger: Lane 248 Taikang Lu, near Sinan Lu
* Visitors can relax and escape the crowds in the cozy interior, or feast their eyes upon the bustle from the outdoor seating. Ideal for lunch, afternoon tea or evenings of relaxation.

9. Mollica Di Pane: Tianzifang, Lane 200 Taikang Lu, near Sinan Lu
* Italian bakery

10. Bell Bar & Cafe: Tianzifang Lane 248 Taikang Lu, near Sinan Lu

11. Ginger Indochine: Lane 248 Taikang Lu, near Sinan Lu
* Serves South East Asian dishes such as Vietnamese Banh Xeo Hue Turmeric Crepe filled with Shrimps, Chicken & Herbs amongst other favorites.

12. En: House 20, Lane 248, Taikang Lu (Tian Zi Fang), near Sinan Lu
* A multi-story Japanese bar and grill, with teppanyaki, robata, yakitori, and a pocket-sized bar on the top floor. They also have a few unique Okinawan dishes, which fall somewhere between common Chinese and Japanese cooking, and they serve awamori, an Okinawan rice liquor similar to shochu.

13. Cotton House: 248 Taikang Lu
* Coffee bar. Popular with the locals.

14. Tai Wine: No 38/39, Lane 248, Taikang Lu. Phone: +86 (0) 21 6473 3001
* Cozy wine bar / restaurant with a great wine list. One of the few wine bars in Shanghai that retains the “old-Shanghai” feel.

************************************************* Cafe Dan****************************
Boutiques & Shops:
1. Nuzi: Shop 30, Lane 248 Taikang Lu, near Sinan Lu
* Sells New Zealand goods: 42 below vodka, wines and furniture and gift items.

2. Milkymomo Boutique: 274 Taikang Lu, near Ruijin Lu

3. Chou Chou Chic (Taikang Lu): Unit 47, 248 Taikang Lu, near Sinan Lu
* Kids fashion boutique by French designer in collaboration with Shanghai designer.

4. Casa Pagoda: 15-17 Taikang Lu, near Sinan Lu
* Offers an eclectic array of goods that don't fit neatly into one overall style of artificially distressed vintage-look couches, tables, and armoirs; Union Jack tote bags and wall hangings, etc.

5. Plastered: Lane 248 Taikang Lu, near Ruijin Lu

6. La vie: Lane 210 Taikang Lu, Near Sinan Lu
* Flagshop store of Boutique fashion designer Jenny Ji.

7. NuoMi: Lane 274 Taikang Lu, near Ruijin Lu
* Boutique store selling clothing ranging from bathing suits to tailor made sneakers on the pricey end. All clothing designed by local designers.

8. Harvest Studio: Suite 118, Bldg 3, Lane 210 Taikang Lu, near Sinan Lu
* Miao minority women hand embroider ethnic-flavoured cushions, clothing and bags.

9. Hi Panda: 240 Taikang Lu, near Sinan Lu
* Chain store selling clothes with the cartoon Hi Panda, hipster-ish clothing started and designed by local designers.

10. Giotto: Taikang Lu, Lane 210, No. 15
* Hand-made leather shoes

11. Finland Design: 242 Taikang Lu
* Sleek Finnish design products, such as home décor and lifestyle accessories.

12. Shanghai Code Vintage Glasses: No. 2 Back Door, Lane 274 Taikang Lu
* Vintage retro frames & glasses and vintage alarms, water flasks, watches and travel bags

13. Eco Goods: No. 11B, Lane 210 Taikang Lu
* House wares – such as kitchen utensils, office supplies, gardening tools and décor – made from eco-friendly materials

1. Nancy's Gallery: Room 110 & 112, Building 5, Lane 210 Taikang Lu
* Contemporary fine art by foreign and Chinese artists

2. Deke Erh Art Center: No.2, Lane 210, Taikang Road. Phone: +86 (0) 21 6415 0675
* Black & white photos capturing the soul of Shanghai.

3. Mandy's Art Gallery: No. 5, 210 Taikang Lu. Phone: +86 (0) 21 6445 3949
* Original artworks by Mandi and artworks by other local artists


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