Jan 4, 2012


As I am preparing to visit Seoul end of this month, it's only natural that I do some heavy duty research on where I would like to check out and eat.  So here is my preliminary list that I have compiled so far and perhaps, this perks your interest as well. When I am in Asia, I prefer the local or other Asian influence food. So do not expect to see Western/European influenced restaurants listed here.

Sinsa-dong Area 
South of Hannam Bridge. A cute upscale neighborhood for boutique shopping, latteing, and luncheons. It has an European vibe with Euro prices to match.
Taxi: Shin-sa Yuck = Station or Ga-row-sue-gil ( main street listed as "Garosugil" on above map)

Yum Thai
Authentic Thai

More infohttp://www.seouleats.com/2009/12/yum-thai-authentic-thai-food-in-seoul.html
Subway direction: Sinsa Station exit 1. Walk for 3 minutes and count to 4th street ( 1st - small street. 2nd - bigger street. 3rd & 4th - small street) and located 2nd building on your right side; just before S Oil Gas Station and across from J Tower)

Pro Con-jawng Gye-jawng
Specializes in soy sauce marinated fresh crab. Not one of the cheapest meals you'll have in Seoul.  Since the menu is written in Korean, point to 80,000 won item on the menu. I believe this price is for 4 persons. but for 2 persons, then point to 55,000 won which is listed below.  It's listed as #9 on above map.

More infohttp://www.seouleats.com/2011/12/soy-marinated-crab-pro-soy-crab.html
Subway direction: Sinsa Station exit 4. Count to 2nd street and turn right. Look for it on your left side.

A traditional korean meal with 25 different side dishes. It's always packed during lunch and dinner hours. It's listed on the above map.

Subway direction: Sinsa Station exit 6. Turn right at 1st street. Turn left at the 1st street. Look for the sign on your right side.

Poong Worl
A Japanese izakaya restaurant specializing grilled dishes, sashimi, scallops, oyster, omelet, and more. Expect to pay about 25,000 - 30,000 won ( $30) including alcohol.

More infohttp://www.seouleats.com/search/label/insadong
Phone02-547-9923 (Most likely, they speak English)
Subway direction: Sinsa Station exit 8. Walk ahead and count to 3rd Street. At this major intersection street, turn left. This is the street, Ga-row-sue-gil. Count to 3rd street on your left side and turn left. At the 1st street, turn right. Start looking for " Paper Garden". Pass. Poong Worl is next to 7/11 store
Map: Link - the map shows the location of Paper Garden. 

Hyundai Department Store
If you have absolutely no idea what you are in the mood for, head over to Hyundai Department Store. You have the option of heading to the basement where there is a food court with a variety of Korean food and a grocery store section with a plenty of Korean snacks to choose from.  Or head to the top floor where there are plenty of restaurants to choose from as well.  I recommend Crystal Jade dim sum restaurant on the 5th floor. 
Subway direction: Apgujeong Station exit 6.

Sawore Boribap
A restaurant specializing boribap which is steam barley which comes with healthy vegetable toppings.  
More info: 
http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/FO/FO_EN_6_4_4.jsp?category=&areaCode=1,1&recomm=&gotoPage=8&cid=349124#selectBox and map:
Tip: if the menu is written in Korean, order the item with price 8,500 won. This is for boribap

Direction: Exit 2 of Line 3 Apgujeong Station, look to your left. There are a few steps leading down to the restaurant; by CGV Cinema. 

Gae-song House
An elderly woman from North Korea serves some great North Korean cuisine. 
More info: 
Exit 4 or 5 of Apgujeong Station (Subway Line No. 3) >> Across the kwanglim Church. Look at the map above. 

Mok Ro Pyeong-yang Man-doo
Serves Mon-doo dumplings and soup Mon-doo guk.
More info and map: http://www.visitseoul.net/en/article/article.do?_method=view&m=0004001002002&p=01&art_id=33609&lang=en&tab=map



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