Jan 4, 2012


Gangnam is hectic, overwhelming and buzzing with neon signs and young people on the go. It's also flooded with street food stands and restaurants.  I will be staying at a friend's home in Gangnam during my visit at the end of this month.  So, I figured I might as well do some homework and see what I can find in terms of good eats.

Tips: if you prefer to take the taxi:  tell the driver the name of the station and Yuck = Station. For example: Gangnam Yuck.  Also, if the station is spelled with a letter "A", try to pronounce it like "Autumn".  Most likely it has the sound of "Autumn" instead of "Apple".
Always make sure to have a copy of the subway map written in Korean. If the taxi driver does not understand you, just show him the map.

Clams, mussels, scallops, conchs, and other shellfish in a large bowl and streamed up on your table.  It's located north of Hak-dong Station
More infohttp://www.seouleats.com/2011/08/wednesday-night-eats-from-weeks-past.html
Taxi Direction:
Doe-san Gong-wan (pronounced like magic WANd but no "d") saw-gull-ri ( intersection), Star bucks Cup-pee, Non-hyeon dong. 
* From Starbucks, walk south bound. 1st - pass a small street .  At the following larger 2nd street, turn right.  Turn left at the 1st street.  It will be on your immediate left ( or the 2nd building on your left)

Bon-ga ( pronounced like Bo Diddy plus n; not like James BONd) 본가
Korean BBQ and all the side dishes come with the meal.
Beef (most expensive)= So goo gee
Pork belly ( looks like bacon)=sum-guelp-cell
More info and map: http://www.visitseoul.net/en/article/article.do?_method=view&m=0004001002002&p=01&art_id=34162&lang=en&tab=map

Subway direction: Nonhyeon Station exit 2 or Sinnonhyeon Station exit 3

Gangnam Gyo-ja
Their specialty is Kar-gook-sue noodles with house made chicken broth.  It's to die for. Yes, it's that good.  They make the best Kar-gook-sue in all of Seoul. It's listed on the above map labeled #6.  Highly recommended!!

on this photo, there are 2 entrances. It's the one on your right side 

Review of original location in Myeong-dong District: http://www.seouleats.com/2009/02/blog-post.html
Subway direction
1. Sinnonhyeon Station exit 6:  After passing skyscraper Kyobo Building, count to 2nd street and turn right. After passing the 2nd street, starting looking for it. Gangnam (pronounce both "A" like "Autumn").
2.Gangnam Station exit 6: count to 3rd street and turn left. Look at the map above #6.  

Gwangyang Bulgogi
Bulgogi is a popular beef dish which has been thinly sliced and marinated. At this restaurant, they charcoal grill it which isn't the common way to cook this dish but regardless, very delicious! Listed as #7 on above map

Subway direction: Gangnam Station exit 1. Walk ahead til you see City Bank. At the 3rd street, turn right. Start looking for the sign.  

Norang Jeogori
In a traditional Korean home atmosphere, they serve folksy entrees and side dishes with different price points. It's labeled as #14 on above map. A set course starting at 17,000 won and up to 30,000 won. 


Subway direction: Gangnam Station exit 5. Follow the map above labeled #14

Haenam Cheonilgwan
Serves traditional Korean full course meal with main dishes and a variety of side dishes up to 15.  A great way to sample many dishes.  It's labeled #8 on above map. Prices range from 20,000 - 40,000 won

Subway direction: Sinnonhyeon Station exit 1. Walk straight ahead til you run into a major big intersection. It is on your right side. Look for the sign.  Look at #8 above map. 

Hanguk Gongalbi
Serves great galbi which is marinated beef ribs and cooked on copper char coiled grill . It's very popular dish with the locals and foreigners.  It's listed as #9 on above map

Subway direction
Sinnonhyeon Station exit 3.  Look at the map above #9

A famous restaurant serving spicy grilled eels. 1 kilogram ( 3 eels)serve about 2-3 people. They serve farm raised eels. It's listed as #15 on above map.

Subway direction: Sinnonhyeon Station exit 1. Look at above map #15.  

Unknown: A famous restaurant serving jja-jang-myun made with fresh home-made noodles and black bean sauce. The walls are adorned with celebrity autographs.  This dish is typically served at Korean version of Chinese restaurants.  

Subway direction: Sinnonhyeon Station exit 4. Walk strraight ahead til you see Ritz Carlton Hotel. Across the main street. Turn left. A very small building on your right side.  You might see the owner gentleman making fresh noodles front of the window.  The restaurant is located across from Ritz Carlton. If you are uncertain, go into the hotel and ask for the direction. They provide English service.  
Taxi: Ritz Carlton Hotel, Gang-nam

Hong Yeong Jae
A natural restaurant focusing on creative dishes made out of fermented soybean paste.  Located north of Samseong Station ( Green line 2)
Review & map: http://www.seouleats.com/2011/09/hong-yeong-jae-how-restaurant-that-bean.html

Taxi direction: Before getting in a cab, call the restaurant # 02-548-8340. Ask someone there to explain the direction to the taxi driver or ask your hotel concierge to write the direction in Korean and then give to the driver. Seoul, Gangnam-gu Samseongdong  109-8 (서울 강남구 삼성동 109-8)

Mitaya Japanese
Fresh sashimi at an authentic setting.  Dining here can be expensive. But hey, you are paying for the ambiance and freshest fish it has to offer.  
Review and maphttp://www.seoulgrid.com/blog/mitaya-gangnam-japanese-sashimi/#more-4430
Web: www.mitaya.co.kr
Subway direction: Gangnam station exit 8. At the 1st street, turn left. Count to 3rd street on your left side and start looking for the restaurant on your left.

Grilled clams. It's very popular during lunch and dinner hours. There is second  location on the same street about 100 meters apart. 
Review and map

Subway direction
Sinnonhyeon Station exit 3. Pass Angelinus Coffee. Turn right at 2nd street. Turn left at 1st street. Start looking for the restaurant. 

They serve Japanese style ramen noodle soup.  

Subway direction
1. Gangnam Station exit 6. Walk all the way down to Sinnonhyeon Station. On your left, there is a sky scrapper building, Kyobo Building. It located behind this building.  
2. Sinnonhyeon Station exit 6 or 7. Behind Kyobo Building. 

Din Tai Fung
One of the more affordable Chinese import dim sum restaurants in Seoul.  
More infohttp://visitkorea.or.kr/enu/SI/SI_EN_3_1_1_1.jsp?cid=555553 and

Subway direction: Gangnam Station exit 5. Walk for 2 blocks and turn right. Pass Marche Restaurant. Din Tai Fung will be on your left side.

Famous for Shabu Shabu dishes and roast duck. Pricey
More info and map: http://www.visitseoul.net/en/article/article.do?_method=view&m=0004001002002&p=01&art_id=34170&lang=en&tab=info


Dumplings and dumpling hot pots.
Info and map: http://www.visitseoul.net/en/article/article.do?_method=view&m=0004001002002&p=01&art_id=34168&lang=en&tab=map

Kimchi stew
Info and map: http://www.visitseoul.net/en/article/article.do?_method=view&m=0004001002002&p=01&art_id=33361&lang=en


  1. I am confused. So many people say there is "street food" in Gangnam, but I did not find any. There were many restaurants clustered together on the side streets, but no "Street" food. When I read "street food," I think carts with food/snacks that you eat standing on the street, like in Myeong Dong at night. But other than lots of restaurants, I found zero street food. So, could someone please clarify this point. It's very confusing for a foreigner who doesn't speak the language to maneuver the streets of Gangnam since foreigners are used to locating places based on addresses. That is not easy to do in Gangnam/Seoul if you don't read Korean. Thank you.

    1. You are right. I have been to the area near gangnam station a number of times but I have never seen any street food being sold. Then again, the gangnam district does not limit to just the area around gangnam station. There might be street food being sold elsewhere besides the area near gangnam station. Gangnam is famous for clubs and restaurants, not street food. For street food galore, I highly recommend hongdae. Great place with nice atmosphere and cheap food. (:

  2. There used to be a lot of street food, but they're restricted from operating in certain areas now.