Feb 10, 2011


Aman at Summer Palace Hotel

The traditional architectural courtyard homes, Hutong, transformed into modern lodgings.
1. Aman at Summer Palace: A luxurious 5-Star hotel in the Unesco Heiritage Site of Summer Palace

2. Mao'er Hutong Bed & Breakfast: Starts at $45.60 (Includes breakfast)

3. Lu Song Yuan Hotel: Starts at $45.50 (Includes breakfast)
* 4 km from The Forbidden City

4. Bangiao Guesthouse: Starts at $63.10 ( Includes Breakfast)
* 1 minute walk to BEIXINQIAO subway station (Exit C - Line 5).

5. Xin Yuan Inn: Starts at $30 ( Includes breakfast)
* 10 - 15 min walk to nearest subway station - GULOUDAJIE

6. Emperor's Guard Station: Starts at $35 (Includes breakfast)
* Walking distance to The Forbidden City

7. N.E. Hotel: Starts at $36
* 5 minutes walk to either "DONGSI" or "ZHANGZIZHONGLU" subway station (Line 5)

8. Lianlian Guest House: Starts at $33.40
* 15-20 min bicycling to The Forbidden City.

9. Tiananmen Yier Guesthouse: Starts at $55.50
* 5-10 min walk to The Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square

10. Qintang Courtyard 7: Starts at $103 (Includes breakfast)
* Walkable to The Forbidden City

11. Four Seasons Courtyard: Starts at $65 (Includes breakfast)

12. Court Yard View Hotel: Starts at $54.70

13. Red Wall Garden Hotel: Starts at $113 ( Includes breakfast)
* Located in Shijia Hutong, Dongcheng district. Walking distance to The Forbidden City.

14. Beijing Si He Hotel: Starts at $65 (includes breakfast).
* Couple of minutes to Dongsi Metro Station. Walking distance to many attractions.

15. Duge Courtyard Boutique Hotel: Starts at $250.
* Located in the Dongcheng District. It is adjacent to some famous attractions such as the Tian'anmen Square, The Forbidden City and Wangfujing

16. Beijing Red Latern House: A lovely hostel

17. Cote Cour Hotel: A centrally located, modern sleek boutique hotel. Rate starting at 1068 CNY / $168US

* More options

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